Mission Statement

We believe that the true spirit of martial arts starts with oneself. The student must first humble themselves, show respect to others, give of themselves, and work hard to be successful at their individual goals in life. Shakil’s School of Martial Arts in Bloomfield is committed to helping our students grow while learning martial arts.

The breakdown of the word “Karate” is what we use to formulate our vision for the students of this system. The prefix “Kara” means to empty oneself, to give, share, open, or help. The suffix “Te” refers to the hand, which is connected to the body. In karate training, one must first open the mind and heart, while fully trusting the instructor to develop the knowledge and understanding of defending oneself, then condition the body to help it withstand any obstacles. Following this, the hand must be open to receive the information or training so that this understanding can be put into the heart and mind of the student. It is in developing an understanding of “Karate-Dõ”, or spirit of the empty hand, that one will build the foundation for achieving their full potential in the practice of martial arts.

While it is understood that each person has their own level of achievement, we look to challenge our students to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve new levels of success.

The Shakil’s School of Martial Arts Karate Organization is a traditional karate system, which strives to preserve the true spirit of martial arts by practicing karate as a way of life and developing the character of the practitioner. Through our training, we develop such characteristics as:

  • Humility
  • Self-Respect
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Esteem
  • Pride
  • Honor
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Education

  • Determination
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Humanity
  • Family Values
  • Concentration

  • Motivation
  • Meditation
  • Confidence
  • Respect for others
  • Caring/Sharing
  • Empathy
  • Dedication
  • Preparation

And much more!

We believe that while it may not always be necessary to have a nice sidekick, it is always important to ensure that each student’s character is developing in a manner that produces an exemplary citizen and good leadership skills. This belief drives the teaching at Shakil’s School of Martial Arts in Bloomfield.


Grandmaster Kevin Thompson