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What Is Traditional Karate?

Traditional karate is an Asian martial art that emphasizes self defense, discipline, and emotional equilibrium as well as organized movements (kata), striking, and open-handed fighting techniques. Thanks to movies, organized sports competitions, and an increased number of schools throughout the world, martial arts have become much more popular in modern culture. Due to this popularity, you may consider signing up for classes or finding a school so that your children can get started with martial arts at a young age.

The emphasis on personal development as well as self defense makes traditional karate an excellent starting point for learning martial arts. At Shakil’s School of Martial Arts in Bloomfield, we are proud to offer classes in traditional karate with hopes that our instruction can help students become more disciplined, physically fit, emotionally stable, and ready to defend themselves. At Shakil’s, we use traditional karate to train the body, the mind, and the spirit.


Benefits of Learning Traditional Karate

Many martial arts that are currently popular solely emphasize winning fights, competing successfully, and physical fitness. All of those areas are emphasized by traditional karate, but traditional karate also focuses on things such as:

  • Discipline
  • Character development
  • Respect
  • Etiquette
  • Comprehensive learning
  • Overcoming challenges

Remember the bigger picture when selecting a martial art for yourself or your child to learn, and choose a martial art that strives to improve integrity as well as fighting prowess. The biggest benefit of traditional karate is that it teaches a beneficial approach to life as well as a storied form of self defense.

The History of Karate

The roots of karate date back to early fighting styles developed by the upper class in Okinawa. Although these early Okinawan styles were rarely formalized into a structured art, many of them emphasized grappling and wrestling early in their development. Successful practitioners often developed their own techniques and principles for fighting, so styles varied greatly throughout Okinawa.

Over time, the influence of Chinese martial arts such as empty-handed kung fu began to spread to Okinawa through cultural exchange. Chinese kung fu influenced many fighting styles in Okinawa, and the synthesis of these arts ultimately led to a fighting style that utilized detailed movements and open-handed striking.

Soon, karate styles began to spread to Japan thanks to the influence of popular Okinawan martial arts instructors. In Japan, the meaning of the term karate was changed from “Chinese hand” to “empty hand” in order to gain acceptance from the martial arts establishment in the country. Karate became more formalized as it gained popularity throughout Japan, until it fully developed into the modern, striking-based martial art we recognize today.

Thanks to the spread and popularization of karate throughout Asia, the modern form of this martial art has various uses. For example, some schools teach karate primarily as a combat sport with a focus on competitive events. Other schools teach karate as one form of self defense among many taught by the martial arts community. Finally, other practitioners teach karate as an art form, with heavy emphasis on the philosophy, principles, and personal development associated with the art.

At Shakil’s School of Martial Arts, we utilize traditional karate as a way to improve students in all of these areas. Our classes feature world-class instructors who use championship training methods, which is fantastic for students who want to push themselves and participate in competitive karate. Moreover, we offer self-defense classes for those students who wish to improve their ability to keep themselves safe. Most importantly, the team at Shakil’s also strives to teach traditional karate as an art form, so that students can learn to improve each area of their lives in a holistic way.



Mastering Karate

Like many sports, it can be fulfilling as well as enjoyable to train with a focus on mastering traditional karate. Since traditional karate places emphasis on physical training as well as personal development, mastering it often takes consistent effort and commitment both at the dojo and away from it. At Shakil’s School of Martial Arts in Bloomfield, our instructors will help you learn the philosophical principles of karate, so that you can apply what you learn in our dojo to every area of your life.

Learning katas is an essential part of mastering karate. A kata is an organized form of movement that can be practiced in a detailed fashion. In karate, successful combat often comes down to combining katas in original and unique ways. Katas are designed to successfully overcome opponents in combat, and practicing katas is meant to help practitioners perfect the skills they need to succeed with karate.

Most katas involve standing in wide-based and solid structures so that it is difficult to be upended. Maintaining excellent posture is crucial in most katas and martial arts generally. From the solid base, individual katas teach various detailed movements that allow you to occupy the fighting space, anchor to opponents, and place effective strikes when opportunities arise.

By learning katas and consistently practicing with expert instructors, you can improve at traditional karate until you eventually master the art. One of the keys to becoming an expert at karate is mastering each area of the art so that you learn it in a holistic way.


To master the art behind traditional karate, you will need to become a student dedicated to learning the principles and philosophy that go into the katas and physical movements. For example, this involves considering why each individual kata works, and how you can apply that to other aspects of your life. Karate is so much more than combat or physical movements. To become a master, you have to willingly learn the discipline, etiquette, and principles that go into practicing traditional karate in a respectful way. Mastering karate as an art requires a commitment to bettering your spirit and your mind.


In many ways, it is easier to master traditional karate as a combat sport rather than a form of art and a way of life. That said, becoming an expert in the competitive aspects of karate requires hard work and dedication to improve. In order to succeed in competition, a student has to maintain a high level of physical fitness, practice competitive combat on a regular basis, and learn how to creatively combine katas and other movements in a way that overpowers opponents. As a result, mastering karate as a combat sport requires a commitment to bettering the body and the mind.


Finally, you may choose to master karate primarily as a form of self defense. Doing this involves learning new katas and fighting techniques that you can use in a variety of situations. It also involves recognizing the nature of a situation and developing the ability to know when to walk away, when to run, when to negotiate, and when to stand your ground. Traditional karate can be an excellent form of self defense to learn due to the emphasis it places on holistic learning and improving all areas of life.

At Shakil’s School of Martial Arts in Bloomfield, we pride ourselves on teaching traditional karate in a way that focuses on improving the mind, body, and spirit. Our instructors can help you master karate at every level.

Why You Should Learn at Shakil's

At this stage, we hope you are excited to sign up for traditional karate classes yourself, or ready to enroll your child in classes. You may still be wondering why you should sign up for classes at Shakil’s School of Martial Arts in Bloomfield, though. 

Shakil’s School of Martial Arts was founded in 1981 by Kevin Thompson. Thompson was from Newark, and he was a master of traditional karate. In fact, Thompson eventually earned a spot in the Black Belt Hall of Fame due to world championships in fighting, forms, and weapons. Shakil’s School of Martial Arts was formed as a way to help others master traditional karate in the way Kevin Thompson mastered this sport. That commitment to teaching traditional karate still drives the team at Shakil’s School of Martial Arts today.

Simply put, you should learn traditional karate at Shakil’s because our school was founded by a world champion of karate, we have been open for more than 35 years, and our expert instructors can help you train at the highest level possible. Among martial arts schools in the area, Shakil’s is unique because of the storied legacy of our school. 

At Shakil’s, we recognize that karate is more than a fighting style — it is a bond and a way of life. By learning karate, you become better at gracefully handling the challenges of life. We are proud to help others better themselves through this beautiful martial art.

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